About Us

About Us

Daim Tobacco is a company founded with the idea of high quality product manufacturing against hooka requests from customers as the fastest growing hooka tobacco producer recently. Our company started its journey to be the world leader and started to produce the world's best hooka tobacco and export to 15 countries.g



Our products are made of aromas complying with European Union norms and high quality tobaccos selected specally. Daim Tobacco, being the leader of the sector with the importance on R&D and innovation, new product types presented to the market, rapidly proceeds to be the brand of Turkey that is known by most people on the World.

Our Vision

Being one of leading companies in Turkey for Hooka Tobacco production and export. Producing products reducing effectiveness of substances harmful for health by continuing to work with scentific methods to make products better we produced through R&D studies. Flavoring the hooka tobacco with essential fruit aromas and making the Hooka culture more contemporary and joyful.

Our Mission

Being the highest quality hooka tobacco brand without sacrificing the quality and giving importance to customer satisfaction. Renewing ourselves every year and increasing the product variety.

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